Best of You – Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters’ massive hit Best Of You. A love song, or a depiction of struggle against something bigger, it’s a certain hit at weddings, or a show-stopper at a concert. Arranged here by professional cellist and arranger Dury Loveridge. Preview, listen and buy online>>>

You Raise Me Up – String Quartet Sheet Music – Josh Groban – Westlife

Covered at least 125 times, this massive hit is perhaps most famous in its versions by Josh Groban or Westlife. A hugely popular choice for weddings, this arrangement is faithful to the original, with second violin supporting the melody, and of course that key change in the middle. Arranged by professional cellist and arranger Dury

Fireflies – Owl City – String Quartet Sheet Music

The massive 2009 hit by Owl City, ‘Fireflies’. This is faithful to the original, including the repeated synth hook which is shared between the first and second violins. There are interesting rhythms, and position work for the viola too. Great to a concert, wedding or other event. Arranged by professional arranger and composer Dury Loveridge.