Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble – String Quartet Sheet Music

Michael Buble’s massive 2009 hit, Haven’t Met You Yet, arranged for string quartet. Faithful to the original, but transposed down a semi-tone to a much more playable C major and G major (from the original C#), this is a massive hit at weddings and drinks receptions and certain to get everyone’s toes tapping. The tune remains in the 1st violin, with some a few moments of interest for the inner parts in the middle instrumental, and plenty for the cellist to get stuck into.

For the love of a princess – Braveheart – James Horner – String Quartet

Braveheart – String Quartet

James Horner’s beautiful melody from the film Braveheart. A favorite for weddings, this is true to the original, which is itself a more delicate treating of the main Braveheart theme. It includes the tempo change to the quicker middle section, with something for each player to enjoy. Great for weddings, functions or school concerts. Arranged by professional cellist and arranger Dury Loveridge.

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My Girl – The Temptations – Smokey Robinson – String Quartet

My Girl, String Quartet Sheet Music

Smokey Robinson and The Temptations’ first No.1 from 1965, ‘My Girl’. A timeless classic covered by many of the world’s greatest artists including Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Westlife, as well as the defining feature of the movie by the same name.

This arrangement is in a more appropriate key for string quartet (keeping away from too many open strings in C major). It features interest for all four players, and is faithful to the original in keeping the middle instrumental and the modulation for the final verse. Created by professional cellist and musical arranger Dury Loveridge, this is a great favourite for weddings, and a great addition to any quartet’s repertoire.

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Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson – Cello Ensemble

Uptown Funk - Cello Quartet

The Mark Ronson / Bruno Mars hit arranged for cello quartet or lower string ensemble. All four cello parts (with the fourth part included as an optional double bass part) are in bass clef throughout, and go no higher than 4th position and the octave harmonic. Arranged by a professional composer, cellist and teacher, this a a true-to-the-original arrangement that works well for school groups and professionals alike.

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Use Somebody – Kings of Leon – String Quartet Sheet Music

Use Somebody - Kings of Leon - String Quartet Sheet Music

The Kings of Leon hit – a great addition to the repertoire of any string quartet playing for functions. Arrange by a professional chamber musician and arranger, this keeps the melody in the first violin, but with a few high challenges for the second violin part. The viola and cello take on the rhythm section from the song.

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Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran – String Quartet Sheet Music

Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran - String Quartet

Ed Sheeran’s Irish folk inspired hit ‘Galway Girl’, and one of his most streamed hits. Perfect for Irish-themed celebrations, and great for wedding and function quartets. This arrangement, by professional cellist and arranger Dury Loveridge, has the melody in the 1st violin with Irish style counter-melodies in the 2nd. Great to play, and one to get audiences clapping or tapping along to!

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Make You Feel My Love – Adele – Bob Dylan – String Quartet Sheet Music

Make You Fell My Love - Adele - Dylan - String Quartet

The Adele hit, originally written by Bob Dylan, arranged here for string quartet by professional arranger and cellist Dury Loveridge. With the vocal part in the first violin, with the guitar solo section giving the melody to the second violin, this arrangement has some great harmonies and lines in the viola too. Great for weddings, school shows and any other informal setting.

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