Make You Feel My Love – Adele – Bob Dylan – String Quartet Sheet Music

The Adele hit, originally written by Bob Dylan, arranged here for string quartet by professional arranger and cellist Dury Loveridge. With the vocal part in the first violin, with the guitar solo section giving the melody to the second violin, this arrangement has some great harmonies and lines in the viola too. Great for weddings,

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Michael Buble – String Quartet Sheet Music

Most people know that ‘Can’t help falling in love’ was originally a hit for Elvis Presley in 1961, but fewer know that it was actually based on a Romantic period work of classical music written in 1784 by Jean-Paul-Egide Martini called ‘Plasir d’amour’. It featured in Presley’s ’61 film ‘Blue Hawaii’ which took it to

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson – String Quartet Sheet Music

Released late in 2014, Uptown Funk spent 14 consecutive weeks at Number One in the US, becoming one of the biggest selling hits of 2015. A collaboration between Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, if featured on Ronson’s fourth studio album, ‘Uptown Special’, and won two Grammy Awards including ‘Record of the Year’. It’s even been

Somewhere Only We Know – Keane – String Quartet Sheet Music

Keane’s 2004 hit ‘Somewhere only we know’ arranged for string quartet by professional arranger and chamber musician Dury Loveridge. True to the original song in every way possible, the first violin takes the lead with the remaining strings providing the rhythmic and harmonic interest. Perfect for weddings and functions. Click here to listen to audio,

Best Day Of My Life – American Authors – String Quartet Sheet Music

American Authors’ 2013 hit ‘Best Day Of My Life’ is an instantly catchy tune, used in many tv shows, adverts and films. Arranged here by professional cellist and arranger Dury Loveridge, it uses pizzicato violin and viola to mimic the muted banjo ‘hook’ of the original, with the cello providing the driving drumbeat. There’s something

Clocks – Coldplay – String Quartet Sheet Music

The Coldplay classic, which has appeared on various tv series including ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘ER’, as well as the films ‘Confidence’ and childrens’ films ‘The Wild’ and ‘Rio 2’. Arranged by chamber musician Dury Loveridge, the theme passes around the upper three instruments, with the cello part providing bass and drum rhythms. In its original