I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas – Cello Quartet Sheet Music

Black Eyed Peas for Cello Quartet
Black Eyed Peas for Cello Quartet

The Black Eyed Peas massive hit ‘I Gotta a Feeling’ arranged for cello quartet. Perfect for school groups, adults or professionals, this is true to the original song with a driving beat throughout. There are some bars in tenor clef in the cello 1 and cello 2 parts, but nothing higher than an octave above middle c (Grade 6/7). Arranged by professional cellist, arranger and teacher Dury Loveridge.


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Love Story – Taylor Swift – String Quartet Sheet Music

Taylro Swift - Love Story - String Quartet

Taylor Swift’s take on the Romeo and Juliet story, which peaked at number 4 in the US selling over 6 million online copies! Arranged here for string quartet with a delicate balance to keep the quieter tone of the original song. The melody remains in the 1st violin, with interesting interjections and counter-melodies for the 2nd violin and viola whilst the cellist keeps the steady pulse of the song going. Arranged by professional arranger and cellist Dury Loveridge, this is a great piece for wedding and function groups, as well as being an interesting piece for high school and amateur ensembles.

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Clocks – Coldplay – String Quartet Sheet Music

Clocks - Coldplay for String QuartetThe Coldplay classic, which has appeared on various tv series including ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘ER’, as well as the films ‘Confidence’ and childrens’ films ‘The Wild’ and ‘Rio 2’. Arranged by chamber musician Dury Loveridge, the theme passes around the upper three instruments, with the cello part providing bass and drum rhythms. In its original key, this tune is great for weddings and functions, and is playable by an intermediate group upwards,.

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Adele – Hello – String Quartet Sheet Music

Adele - Hello - String QuartetAdele’s second biggest hit to date, it reached number one in every country it charted in, including 10 weeks at Number 1 in the US. Originally for solo piano and voice, this is faithfully adapted for string quartet, with the second violin providing harmonic interest mirroring the melody line in the 1st violin. Perfect for weddings and functions, arranged here by professional cellist and arranger Dury Loveridge.

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Groovy Kind Of Love – Phil Collins – Sheet Music for String Quartet

Grrovy Kind of Love - String Quartet

First released in 1965, ‘Groovy Kind of Love’ was written by Toni Wine and Carole Bayer Sager. In 1966 it was covered three times (most notably by Petula Clark), and then three more times in 1967 (including by Gene Pitney). It was good fortune for Wine, who wrote

“We write it in 20 minutes. It was amazing. Just flew out of our mouths, and at the piano. It was a real quick and easy song to write.”

Its most notable cover version was by Phil Collins in 1988. He’d originally recorded a demo version as a suggestion for the film ‘Buster’. He recorded it again when he took a starring role in the film (set in the 1960s), and it became his only single to reach number 1 in the US and the UK, and won him a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance in 1989.

This version (including the famous key change) is based on the Collins version.

This sheet music is available exclusively at SheetMusicPlus.com, and is available for around £9.90 to download instantly as a score and parts in pdf format.

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Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud – Cello Ensemble Music

Ed Sheeran’s massive hit ‘Thinking Out Loud’ arranged for cello quartet. The first cello part is in tenor clef to help with reading, but goes no higher than the ‘b’ above the harmonic so is suitable for grade 6/7 players. This remains true to the simplicity of the original song with little added, but is perfect for concerts and school ensembles.

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Somewhere Only We Know – Keane – Sheet Music for String Quartet

Keane’s third single, and the opening track of their 2004 debut album ‘Hopes and Fears’, it peaked at number 3 in the charts and was one of the band’s biggest selling singles. Composed by member Tim Rice-Oxley in 2001, he said it came from ‘hammering away on the piano… I was thinking of something like David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, which you drive along to a really rocking beat’.

The song was covered by Lilly Allen in 2013 for a Christmas ad campaign, which surpassed the success of the original, reaching Number 1 in the UK.

For this arrangement, the driving beat is present, but players can choose to drive the beat or play it in a more relaxed way to fit whichever version they want to emulate.

The sheet music is only available to download at SheetMusicPlus.com, and comes as a pdf of score and parts for $12.99.

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Need You Now – Lady Antebellum – String Quartet Sheet Music

String Quartet Sheet Music for Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

Realeased in 2009 as their debut single in the UK and Europe, Lady Antebellum’s ‘Need You Now’ won four Grammy awards in 2011 including ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Record of the Year’. Originally considered a country hit, after five weeks at number 1 it crossed over into the mainstream.

Since then, it’s been covered by Adele, the cast of ‘Glee’, and appeared on TV shows including ‘Hellcats’ and ‘The Glades’.

This available to download instantly as a score and parts only via SheetMusicPlus.com for $12.99.